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Day 1: Baby Steps

Our first steps where nice and easy, no crazy stuff. Kimmy and myself wanted to feel the longer runs first (compared to Landgraaf/Indoor).

There is nothing wrong with Landgraaf but being at the bottom in 1.5 minutes is something completely different than 5 minutes for the shortest run here.

Something that did bug me was the fact that I didn’t understand my GoPro or the camera angle. So we couldn’t include our best runs in the video, because my camera skills suck.

I feel stupid about this, but I forgot that 1 beep was recording and “beep, beep-beep-beep” was stop. My bad.

What Kimmy and me found our aswel was that we need to discus our route before we go and need to keep communicating during the run. Which didn’t go too smooth all the time.

Wearing a helmet doesn’t help with your hearing, so keeping visual contact is very important especially the first day because you are adjusting. Otherwise you might have to hop up hill which is very tiring.

Would you like to know more about our first day, or the Berwang Ski resort? Put your questions in the comments below.

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