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Day 2: We still need to learn a lot

So, day two (Valentines Day) in Berwang will never be know as the best day we experienced. Both of use had quite a few issues. With me falling quite a bit due to stupid and overconfident mistakes.

Me falling was mostly because I was being an idiot while overtaking, going onto parts of the slope most people were avoiding.

In the video you see me bounce and fall exactly because of such an overconfident move.

Kimmy felt uncomfortable on her snowboard due some changes we made to her bindings. Changing the angle of her right foot from 15 degrees, to 10 degrees.

We changed this back on the slopes because it just did not work for her and we are here to have fun. Not to frustrate ourselves.

Today we had a lot more footage to choose from. But I am really not satisfied. I need to get more interesting angles and make more second person viewpoints.

If you have any questions or remarks, just give them in the comments.

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