Day 3 at Berwang was the most successful and most fun day so far. After the horrible day we had yesterday Kimmy and myself decided to go back to basics.

As you can see in the video we only did the slopes we already knew from the last two days. A simple diet of the Almkopf and Egghof.

Because we know these slopes by now, us both had more time and attention to concentrate on our snowboarding- and camera skills.

Kimmy started out a little cautious, but after a very short while she experienced that she felt much more relaxed on her snowboard. What she thought was remarkable aswel was that her snowboarding technique was better when she held the GoPro.

Because she had to keep her arm in front of her, her shoulders stayed square with her snowboard. She had the added benefit that she could analyse her own movements when we were home.

Anyway, soon we had a lot of fun filming and each other.

Learning to carve

During my runs I started to work on my carving technique, which is lacking in my experience. During the first run of the day it clicked! And soon I could make a pencil line up the hill!

Ow, before I forget! An important factor for the fun we had today, was the decision to leave our jackets at home and only wear shirts. At the moment the temperature in Berwang can rise to 11 degrees. And being hot because of a jacket is just a crappy experience.

Next to that Kimmy and myself are way to well trained to deal with cold in a natural way. Last december we were trained in the Wim Hof Method during a trip to Poland.

So we went out in our shirts, but it might aswel have been our swimming gear. Eleven degrees is just too hot.

Our 4 tips to have a great day right after a horrible one.

  1. Go back to basics and make things as simple as possible.
  2. Put yourself on film and have fun doing it.
  3. Remove everything that makes you uncomfortable.
  4. Realise that confidence is the most important factor and by making things simple is the best way to recover it.

If you have any questions or remarks about our trip to Berwang or anything else? Feel free to ask in the comments below.