Every fall, teaches people something new. It’s not a real expression, but it should be. You won’t see them in today’s video. But both of us have fallen a few times and learnt something during every fall.

Falling is just part of the deal, not only when you are snowboarding. But this is a topic for another time.

Kimmy and myself have undertaken en mini tour through the Berwang resort. Which was a lot of fun. What we did experience though it kinda sucks to have a skipass which gives acces to multiple areas, but that those areas are not linked. Which is a huge disadvantage of the Zugspitz Arena, and probably means we will not be returning here soon.

The biggest success we have celebrated is the fact that we have taken a few red slopes which means we can undertake larger tours now.

snowboard tailpress trick

My personal success is todays tail press’. Which I can do on comfortable terrain now. I know this trick is really easy, but it was not part of my “comfortable to do”-arsenal yet. Plus it is a trick every snowboarder should master before progressing to jumps etc. Just like carving is one such skill.

Something is bothering me though, and it is starting to become a major issue. The snow over here is going to shit. It has been way too hot here, plus it has not snowed in weeks now. Turning the slopes in the sun to slush and in the shade it’s turning to pure ice. Great for training these conditions, but less and less fun.

Luckily tomorrow will bring snow according to the forecasts. It really is needed badly and some lower temperatures would be fun too.

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