Most people on the planet think that higher education is for the rich and nowadays they might be correct in the money sense. Though I believe that a life of learning is for another sort of rich. A life of learning is for those persons who have a wealth in objectives.

By learning your whole life you create freedom for yourself and your possibilities become endless and thus you create freedom for yourself. Learning gives you a sense of direction and bring mastery in the direction of your choice. In my case for example this is minimalism, stoicism and snowboarding.

The fact that you know in which direction you want to move is freedom. When you are honest with yourself. Do you want the freedom to “do nothing and enjoy life”. Or do you want to have the freedom to “do anything you feel is right”?

By learning you create freedom to do right and learn in the process. This virtuous cycle is something which not only creates freedom for you, but everyone around you.