If you have read my introduction post, you know that starting to learn to snowboard at age 27 changed my life. It was the key change which set my life on another trajectory. From a static, “I am happy where I am”-place to an “I want more for myself”-journey. Learning is a very big part of this. So the last couple of week I have been (re)learning how to learn.

This all sounds really boring, but it is really not!

Learning is really a lot of fun. Knowing that you are improving at a skill is an amazing notion and something you want to experience daily. And while I not yet at that point I am getting the endorphin rush of nailing something hard or new a lot more frequent.

There are proven ways to improve the way you learn

Because what we learned at school, especially past the age of ten is very ineffective. Nearly everyone I have ever spoken to found most of their classes and subjects boring. And while some  will prove to have some use in the real world. Most of them have faded away to a point that you actually need to relearn them when you need them. And to make things worse, we do not really have an idea about our personal learning style. Which is really the fault of our educational system, we dedicate at least the first 16 years – and up to half – of our lives to learning and we do not really learn how we do it best.

So when I became aware of this problem for myself I started researching how I learn and what I need to do to improve my style and form, like I do with snowboarding (when an amazing hook I found here). And a great way for you to start improving your learning is to do the Free 5-day course Nasos Papadopoulos created for you over at Metalearn.net.

I can reinvent the wheel, but Nasos does a great job explaining what you need to do and in what order. I am even doing his course “Make me a Metalearner” because I believe in his way of working and it is helping me a lot on my technique. But don’t just buy that course blind because I am saying it is good. Start out with his 5-day course and see if that helps you get a better grip on how you learn.

It is seriously worth it and it will help you become a better snowboarder a lot faster than if you would skip it.

If you have any questions, just leave them in the comments below, or go over and say “Hi” on the socials.