snowboarding year round

Why you can be snowboarding year round in 2017

I am going to help you, through BoardsParamount, to work on your snowboarding year round.

So you are thinking at this moment: “what the fuck, how?”

Because you can only snowboard in the winter and mountains, right? Two things you do not have in the Netherlands (we are from there). And you are right, no mountains over here. But still I intend to be working on my snowboarding and get better at it year round.

Training for snowboarding year round is possible.

Soon you will find various exercises here which you can do anywhere, anytime. You could wait until winter and train intensively during you once a year winter trip to the mountains.

Most probably, you would improve, but you will have less fun doing it. Because falling and getting up a lot hurts.

Another option is to train year round at home and just enjoy you trip and impress your travel companions while in the snow.

The way of working we are going to use resembles training methods of martial arts. We are going to deconstruct snowboarding in smaller movements. Train those movements intensively. And then reassemble them when we are really snowboarding.

Just imagine how your week in the snow will be when you have trained year round. Being on your snowboard will be even more relaxing and your capabilities will have increased a lot! Your friends will be very impressed.

Even playing games will help you improve you snowboarding skills.

steep video gameI will be on Steep quite regularly. I will be available on Xbox One. And my goal will be to play at least an hour a week. The live days will be announced through here (and the socials).

Hold on, why should your snowboarding improve by playing videogames?

During a study conducted at MIT researchers found out that top athletes not only play their own sports in videogames because they like the sport. But they also get further insights into the sport the practice. So the improve their technique and choices when they are in the arena themselves.

And to be honest it’s a fun way to relax!

By the way, BoardsParamount has a eSnowboard

LEIFtech esnowboard

Believe it or not, but I bought a LEIFtech eSnowboard to train my snowboarding. This motorised board is called an eSnowboard because riding it feels similar to riding on a snowboard.

Genius isn’t it?!

I will be posting video’s on my progress, successes and failures. So during a worst case scenario you will be laughing your ass off when I launch myself from my board.

In short, the coming year there will be a lot of reasons to follow BoardsParamount. Which you can do on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Xbox Live and Youtube. So please do, it helps and means a lot to me!


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